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“Market Effective, Socially Strategic & Powerful. Yet Beautifully Simplistic.”

Website Systems

A new exciting era in affordable agency website structure & design is here. Intuitively tiered, data-driven sites built from the ground up to grow and support your business through direct, organic and social networking technologies.

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Email Solutions

Whether it’s traditional low cost Pop3 email, email security firewall systems, our secure encrypted email message center or Hosted Outlook Exchange, we provide the highly managed communication systems your agency needs and demands.

Email Solutions

Admin Professionals

Administering hundreds of websites and thousands of email accounts takes dedication, experience and know-how. At InsuredCo we’re committed to providing fast personal attention which insures your success and IT work flow.

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Insurance Agency Website System Plans

The Basics: All website systems include the same powerful cloud-based configuration and design options while including full professional webmaster and administration services for virtually anything you need. Free website hosting is included and your site will automatically contain over 50 highly optimized pre-confirgured content pages each based upon your active lines of business. Plus helpful consumer tools and financial calculators as well a number of downloadable forms. Your site will also contain a searchable/sortable online staff directory and interactive mapping to your location. Each plan also contains no hassle automatic bill payments.

Zero Effort Work Flow: Rest easy, because we administer every website and plan. There’s nothing to learn, do or maintain. So when you need it done, it gets done.

At InsuredCo our website and online marketing plans are not only diverse, they’re highly flexible as well. So you’re sure to find something suitable to fit the size and scope of your agency without committing to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each year like similar plans now require.


$49.95 month

Setup: $199.95

A great solution for the agency just starting out, or if your current website has become outdated when visually compared with other newer sites incorporating the latest standards.


$79.95 month

Setup: $399.95

Achieve real online sales & service capabilities beginning with our "Pro" package. It's a powerful solution for any agency wanting to compete online as well as throughout the diverse social networking communities.

Agency Website System Price & Features Comparison

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Setup Fee





Setup Fee 0% Financing
(6 months same as cash financing)

No Hassle Monthly Billing Cycle
(Direct Credit Card Payments)

Cloud Website Hosting Included

Website "Fresh Design" Fee
(provide your site with a fresh new look, upon request once every three years)





Maximum # of Office Locations





Detailed Carrier Listings
(logo, website, claims/service link, payment link)

Maximum # of Detailed Carrier Listings





Secure Quote Form Submissions
(lead generation fast quote, automobile quote, homeowners, motorcycle, life, boat, business owners, commercial auto, liability, work comp, group benefits, etc.)

Secure Customer Service Forms
(policy updates, order auto id card, certificate of liability, refer a friend)

Social Network Sharing Widgets
(allows anyone to share your site's content using a single "click" with numerous popular social networks)

Online Client Satisfaction Survey
(promote your dedication to quality personal service by having customers complete a simple questionaire)

Self Posting News/Blogging Tool
(you post what you want, when you want)

Monthly Consumer News Service
(automatic consumer news & seasonal postings feed grows your site's content each month and provides valuable search engine weight)

Popular Language Translations
(translates your website's content and navigation into any selection of 65 languages)

Mobile Optimized Website
(automatically provide all mobile users with streamlined functionality)

Andriod, iPad & iPhone Web App
(automatically provide the mobile masses with simplicity of use)

Client Policy Renewal Surveys
(increase customer service convenience and sales opportunities regarding renewals for auto, homeowners, commercial auto & commercial liability)

Automatic Email Marketing Tool
(subscribers to your site sign-up and self manage their subscriptions, all news/blog posts are automatically emailed to all subscribers once per week in a fully branded and professional email with no effort on your part)

$300 Website Trade-In Credit
(receive $300 savings on your site setup fees when replacing your current website)

INCLUDED: [see details]
Content Delivery Network & Global Firewall Service

(increased speed and protection)

INCLUDED: [see details]
Secure Encrypted Email Message Center

(get the sensitive information you need faster)

INCLUDED: [see details]
Up to 20 POP3 Email Accounts

(with offsite access webmail)

INCLUDED: [see details]
Corporate Email AntiSpam/AntiVirus Filtering

(protect all your email accounts & your network)

InsuredCo Footer Branding
(site's footer area contains a "Powered by InsuredCo" logo and link to InsuredCo.com)

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Order Online

Order Online

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Right from the start – Your InsuredCo site can contain dozens of search engine optimized content-filled web pages, secure online quote and policy service forms, carrier direct claims and bill payment information, searchable and sortable staff directory, dozens of downloadable forms, interactive calculators, and so much more. All content and tools directly relate to your specific lines of business.

With hundreds of websites administered by InsuredCo, containing 10’s of thousands of web pages, here is but a small sample of what we can provide to you and your insurance agency with just some basic information and less than 30 minutes of your time.

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Hosted Outlook Exchange Email

Email is no doubt one of your most vital business services. We know that any minute of downtime means lost productivity. This is why we offer a highly reliable infrastructure in which all components are redundant to ensure maximum availability of service. Also, you can rely on a 99.999% uptime service for even more peace of mind.

Hosted Outlook Exchange

Secure Encrypted Email Message Center

Security in your business communications regarding sensitive information is no joke. The law and ethics demand it. Yet for most, their concerns remain concerns year after year as they hope for the best when it comes to data security because systems just haven’t come along that are both affordable, and easy to use, which really address the problem. “How do my business operations get the highly sensitive and personal information we must have to accurately do business without having to chase people down over the phone to get that information”. There is finally a simple email based solution.

Secure Encrypted Messaging

Email Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Fast, efficient communication is one of the most important tools for running a successful business. While the benefits of email are undeniable, if you’re not adequately protected, you are leaving your entire business vulnerable to online attacks including spam, phishing, viruses and malware. With Email & Spam Protection from InsuredCo, your business can enjoy a reliable email system without being exposed to the safety threats associated with email.

Anti-Spam/Virus Firewall Protection

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